The Weekly Coffeealude 10: @TazaChocolate #Coffee Chocolate #ZOMG

Coffee in my chocolate, chocolate in my coffee, few people know how I feel when it comes to this. It is my dirty/guilty little pleasure. Mistakenly I came across this coffee chocolate, made of only 3 ingredients. It was so smegging good.

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The weekly Coffealude 5: Should I have had another?


Birch Coffee , one of my favorite little coffee spots in Manhattan, New York. I was there meeting with my partners from the Phoblographer. I ordered a cappuccino, it was good. Almost at the end of the cup, to get another, or not to get another, was the question on my mind.  This weeks image was me trying to answer that question. After I got the shot we went on talking business and I never did order another.  However it was worth the thought.  The coffee used in the cappuccino ? I have no clue, the milk though, it was very good.

Gear used Nikon D700 + Nikon 50mm 1.8 G.


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The weekly Coffealude 4 : A new lens


Sometimes a unique photo can come from the gear you use. While this coffee image is not tooo unique , the gear used to take it is. A friend, who is not a photog found this  strange photography kit, and put it in my hands. There were some rare lenses in the bag. One was a Sonagar 135 3.5. That is what I used to take this image. I have been obsessed with getting info on it this week.


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The weekly Coffealude 2: @Tonx #coffee


This week I got to test a selection of Tonx coffee from the Sidama region of Ethiopia, Wottuna Boltuma. Tonx sent me a sample from their subscription service. I saw this as a great addition to this series of post I am doing.  Instead of just one  coffee image every week, I have decided to make it a weekly coffee post. I am going to continue with the idea of making original coffee images.  I just cant stop at one image every week.


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