#Photowandering: The DUMBO Coffee Run

It may seem a little looney, however, my whole photowandrring routine started as a coffee run. Kids were out of school and I had a duty not to wake them up. It’s a simple goal. So instead of just staying in the house quietly I get up and walk, always seeking coffee. One of my favorite places to go for coffee is in DUMBO and that’s where I ended up on this fine day.

Gservo-20160826-7122 (more…)

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Meanwhile on Instagram: A bit of calm

It was a quiet week, very little exploring of the frontier. I was prepped to for the world to be going sideways. All there was though, was coffee and St Paddys day. There was no need for a steady Instagram feed that would have just bored people. Sometimes it’s good just takes things slow.

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Coffee and Bourbon In action 

Well, it has been about three weeks, and the coffee bourbon has been poured, poured, tested, shared with some whiskey loving friends and tasted some more. It was a good experiment. The coffee bourbon came out a lot more mellow than it went in. The Jim Beam bourbon I used was harsh, unrefined. and this experiment made it a lot nicer to drink. The great thing is this will get better over time. Thre first batch will not be finished when the second is ready and I will have to bottles of coffee whiskey.  Here is what I am going to do for the next batch and other notes.

ywing -20160212-7210

  • Make an Irish coffee with the current batch
  • I will use a better bourbon/whiskey, not sure which one yet, I need to do some testing
  • I am going to use a slightly finer grind of coffee, possible Ethiopian in origin for a better flavor.
  • I will keep the ratio about the same.
  • There is Caffein in the whiskey that goes straight to your head.
  • Goes well with coffee  (more…)

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Coffee & Bourbon soon to be in action

Because I always want to try something new and I am  interested in the unknown, I decided to do an experiment. One day while, on the web I ran into an interesting topic, coffee whiskey. I thought why not have a laugh and try it. My bride thought I was insane so I knew it was a good idea. So I bought some meh whiskey and some good coffee and decided to give it a go.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-5038


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#Coffeealude: Sampling Brazil Santa Rita from @KohanaCoffee

Its been a while since I had Kohana Coffee. I have been trying a variety of different coffees, lately, however Kohana is one of the roasters alway on the top of my list. I always end up sipping on their coffee at some point. I have recently been sipping on their ‘ready to drink’ selection and the kind folks ,there, sent me a sample of their Brazil Santa Rita. I had never tried it before so my curiosity was peaked.



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Coffeealude Brooklyn Roasting Company Rwanda

I first learned about and tried Rwandan coffee just over a year ago. It has always been a uncanny coffee for me. It’s flavor profile being much different than my favorite single origins Indian Mysore ,Harrar and Yirgacheffee. I have really enjoyed this coffee from the roasters I had it from. I recent trip to Brooklyn Roasting company, in the Flatrion district, I picked up a can to try….



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#Coffeealude: Visiting Brooklyn Roasting Company Flatiron District 

Brooklyn Roasting Company, in Dumbo Brooklyn, is one of my favorite coffee houses. They have fantastic coffee, a great atmosphere and great baristas. I try to make the trip out there as much as I can. When I found out they opened a new Cafe I had to visit.


Sometimes we all need a coffee break. Times get rough , the world becomes bit insane. I take a few of my coffee breaks when photo-wandering in New York City. There are many coffee houses there and the latest one I visited was Brooklyn Roasting Company Flatiron District, 50 West 23rd St. (between 5th and 6th Avenues) (more…)

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