#We35Expedition 3 – Seeing Double

After listening to March’s We35 podcast I started pondering how to make it interesting. The theme was double exposures. There were a few different ways I could have composed my images but I chose to go the ‘in camera’ path. I had been meaning to teach myself this technique and this was the perfect opportunity.

we35shenanigans-20170218-2467 (more…)

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#We35Expedition 2 Contact Sheet

After listening to February’s  podcast I started pondering how to make this interesting. As a “nod to the foundation of our art”, the #We35 expedition is ‘The Contact Sheet’. I wanted maybe go photo wandering or show a day in my camera work life. As I was thinking though, I was making coffee and as I do, taking photos of my Sunday cup.

We35Expedition Contact Sheet


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