The Day Before the Forecasted #Snowmaggedon #We35 Field Report

Well it was the day before the Snowpocalypse of 2015 and a great day for we35 research. The north east was bracing itself for the bad weather , influx of social media photos, and bad weather puns. I was doing some work for my job which took me out for a bit of a walk. I decided to go with a simple kit. I did not carry a lot of gear either. I was out to catch snow prep but by the time I got out it was done. It did not stop me from getting some frames though. (more…)

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The RawFile and the JPEG

And so once again I’m processing Nikon Raw files. I woke up to the pleasant news  from Nikon Rumors that Lightroom had finally been updated. My dear friends I acquired a new camera before Lightroom was ready for it. I’m lazy and I only process my raw files in that software. So when working with my Nikon d750 I’ve been doing camera work using the  raw + JPEG setting. My clients had work for me. As long as I got things mostly right in camera Jpegs were fine. It was nice to get back to raw files though. I had a few images I screwed up on that I knew could be saved using the raw files. I was right. The raw file on the Nikon D750 is a nice one. The image today was my friend and Photog in charge of the Photography Adventure Club Nicholas Pappagallo. We were in the NYC subway and I severely underexposed an image. With some slight pixel massaging the image came out decently.  I’ve never really care about the raw vs JPEG I think a person should use what works best for them. It’s all personal preference and who the hell am I to tell a person what’s better.



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