The weekly Coffealude 1: the coffee bean

teh bean

Here it begins, this year’s personal photo project for 2013,  my coffee interlude.  My first image is a macro image of a single coffee bean on glass. The idea is to produce and original coffee image, every week, for 52 weeks. I am planning on using everything I have learned, so far, and everything I will learn over the course of the next 52 weeks. I don’t want to limit myself to how people think coffee should be experienced. I also want to have a lot of fun pushing my boundaries, or at least attempting to.



Macro + Snow & Ice Something I just had to do


Ever since it snowed last, I have been itching to get some macro photography in. However the chances kept eluding me. Well before it got to warm I finally got the chance. I kept it simple. My Nikon D90 paired with my 40mm Macro lens . I did not use anything else. just the environment to stabilize my self.


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Coffeealude: Coppo White Coffee

I am running low on coffee. After I burned some coffee beans in another experiment, I figured Id keep the mad scientist vibe going and try something new…. to me. On a trip to an Asian market, in my area, to get some matcha,  I ran across some white coffee packs. It’s instant coffee from Malaysia .Its basically instant coffee, non dairy creamer with cane sugar.


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