Is Sony Prepairing To Slaughter Nikon? Maybe Not But Damn The Price On The A7 Has Me Thinking.

A7Sony may be preparing to slaughter Nikon. With Nikons defenses seemingly faltering after missing their financial forecast, Sony may have taken notice. They have reduced the price of their A7. Sony is making it the lowest cost, new full frame camera on the market. Sony reduced the price of the Sony A7 by $200. At B&H a 32gb memory card and other amenities are also included.  This has me thinking about possibly buying the camera. At that price and with a Nikon adapter I can use my current lenses. The Sony A7 is a solid camera and at this price has probably raised a lot of eyebrows. It is something I have been putting a LOT of thought into since Photo Plus. Nikon has basically let me down on the mirrorless front. While the Nikon DF was fun, it was too expensive. At this price the Sony A7 may come home soon. I have much thinking to do…

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  1. OK, interesting in concept, but not so much in the real world. 1…you are looking at the low end of a 3 camera lineup…the 7R and 7S are well over $2K. But even if the 7 has all you need, it’s an e-mount camera. There is currently no 85mm native e-mount autofocus lens. There is no native e-mount 24-70 f/2.8 lens. Those are two pretty important focal lenths for pros and amateurs alike. They are not going to ‘slaughter’ Nikon without a lens lineup that can satisfy.

    1. Too true Lee. I am looking at the Sony A7 to replace my Nikon D90, something smaller to do photowalks around with yet still be full frame.With a Meatbones adapter I can use my Nikon lenses. The goal is still a Nikon D800 for my professional work. My D700 still serves me well for the work I get now, but I am going to hit a wall with that soon.

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