Sony A7c The camera I’ve been waiting for… however…

Sony A7c The camera I’ve been waiting for… however…

It has not been an easy year, exploring the photography frontier, but some surprises have led to some uncanny distractions. I’ve been looking at the Sony A7c like a geek possessed. For a long time, I’ve wanted a full-frame camera with these aesthetics and that I could afford.


The Sony A7c 

The Sony A7c is (specs here), for all intense and purposes, a Sony A7iii in a compact body like the Sony A6xxx series of cameras. It is what I have wanted it since I started my camera work with Sony gear. While I enjoy working my A7iii, My A6400 is what I pick up every time I go out photo wandering. The battery life is also fantastic, and I get to keep fewer batteries in the bag. 


 The Sony A7c is not a perfect camera. The size cut did not come without sacrifices. One of the first things I notice when looking at the camera online was the missing buttons, particularly the C1 (Custom 1) control by the shutter found on the Sony A6xxx bodies. The missing front dial, to quickly adjust the settings for each shooting mode, is also disappointing.

 This feature, usually found on A7 camera bodies, will be missed. I do not understand the sacrifices of these buttons, amongst other missing features. There is a caveat here, though. If you read the manual, you learn that the video record button can be customized. Suppose you are not shooting a lot of videos. You can customize things similar to the a6400. 

In hand. 

I have not had a chance to get the camera in hand yet. My opportunity evaporated before my eyes, and I trust I will eventually get to try the camera out. I can’t decide on the camera till then. 


Overall I do like the camera. The Sony A7c may feel like a kit-bash camera, almost all the best of parts coming together to make an interesting piece of gear.  The limitations placed upon it could lead to some creative discoveries. The Sony A7c may be a perfect second camera for the A7series. Its video options also give it a little more attractiveness. As of writing this, I am not sure if I will get the A7c, but I am precariously considering it. 

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