Sakura 2013, with my friends


It’s funny, before my photography life  Sakura, or cherry blossoms  just represented spring time to me. I never really focused on it. I just acknowledged the beginning of spring. Now It’s a big deal, something great to photograph. This recent winter beat me down. The cold lasted too long. So as it warmed up and my Friend Daryl Meek called and said lets photo walk amongst the cherry blossoms, I was ready. Scott Wyden, was dragged along, smiling with a tripod. We traveled to Newark’s Branch Brook Park and the fun began.


Newark, New Jersey does not have the best reputation, but it does have a great amount of cherry trees in Branch Brook Park.


The amount of cherry trees rivals that of Washington DC.  Branch Brook Park was built to rival Central Park but recently has become more known for its cherry blossoms.


My kit for this day was a 3legged thing tripod, Nikon D700, a Nikkor 200mm Ai,  and Nikkor 24mm 2.8D which spend a little time on a Macro  Converter.


We had a lot of fun this day.  And I am still not done with all the photos.


This post just represents a small sampling of my day.


What’s more important I had a great time with my friends and our cameras got a work out.


Be well, enjoy the spring, keep in touch.

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