Expert Shield  Screen Protector Vs Longboard

Expert Shield Screen Protector Vs Longboard

It was June and a warm afternoon. I had been working a book festival for about 10 hours with very little rest and food. If you saw me at the end I may have looked like I was just floating by I was spent. At the end of the festival, with a blank look on my, I made my way to my car. As I was unloading my gear my bride called me to help her with something. I was tired, rushing and put the a6300 in the bag attached to the Fotodiox Smart AF and Tamron 70-200. Together that was about 14 inches of gear and it was about the limit of the bag I was using. I thought everything was fine.

Shit Happens

What I did not know was that my son, who came to help out at the festival, brought his longboard. When it was time to leave, he carelessly put it in the trunk, where my bag was. I did not know it hit my bag.

Representing the longboard, Godzilla

WhenI got home, I pulled the camera out the bag, and my heart sank for a second, there was a ding on my screen. Then I remembered, the Expert Shield Screen protector was on that camera. I lifted it, cracks formed. The camera was ok. The Screen protector is made of optical grade glass cut to fit the A6300 and it did its job. It was such a relief. I instantly purchased a replacement.  The Expert Shield –  Screen Protector for: Sony A6300 / A6000 – GLASS was worth every penny.

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