Quick Tip: Got a Black Rapid Strap? Carry a Zip lock bag

Quick Tip: Got a Black Rapid Strap? Carry a Zip lock bag

It is a rainy week where I live. This weather is a decent time for photography. Nevertheless, it can be bad for your camera and lens, particularly if there is a sudden down pour. If you use a Blackrapid Camera Strap, I use the Rs-7, there is a way to protect your camera quickly. A large zip lock bag. This is very handy especially if you do not have camera rain gear.

If you have a large zip lock bag, folded in your pocket, you can pull it out and quickly put your camera in it. With your black rapid strap acting as a third hand, it is easy to use both your hands, using your body to shield the camera from the rain, to get the camera covered. The Black Rapid can hang under your arm nicely covered, until you get out of the rain. If you want to go that one extra step, get silicon packets, or tea filter bags filled with rice. Place it in the zip lock bag. This will absorb extra moister.

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    I love the rose photo. It is just stunning. Mind telling me what equipment you used for it?

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