Project 365 End & Farewell to 2011 (it will not be missed)

Project 365 End & Farewell to 2011 (it will not be missed)

 First of all I would like to thank the Following people

BaristaOnDutY: He’s been fueling my coffee photography since day -1 and has been a true friend this year, he’s provided my family with coffee in our time of need and has been a good ear, I can not thank him enough

Coffee_Couple: My Jersey Coffee Connection, my friends, Im sorry i did not get out to see them, but when I needed somebody to talk to quickly they always lent an ear, their coffee has been damn good to!

KohanaCoffee: Ever since I got serious with my coffee photography, they have been there, and this year they were more than a uncanny coffee roasters, they were great friends!

Phoblographer: My other home on the Internet, with out these folks my photography would of really faltered much more than it did. Chris, my editor gave me something to focus on and helped to pull me out of my depression.

2011 was a bloody smegging mess ,

If I would of known it would of turned out this way ,when I started this project, I would not have gone through with it. However here I am the end, the last three images here, for you to see. There a few days I missed and I made up for them here in this post. The death of my father and the aftermath really messed me up. I faltered and was thrown completely out of whack .I’m just getting it back to  a state of normality.

It’s all up from here though.

Have I learned anything from this epic journey, yes, yes I have.  It did help me refine some aspects of my photography knowledge. I will keep taking photos almost every day, but if I have a day when I can’t it will be ok. I like the style of  so I the future I will be adopting some of it for this blog, reading his site has really helped me when it comes to how I will show my work in the future.

Weekend Coffee

This will now be once a weekend for sure and whenever else I get the urge. It will also not be limited to one shot. I am thinking of making it a coffee review thing.

Thanks for Reading & viewing , Happy New Year


Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
And days of auld lang syne?

We’ve Cruised around
With Tricked out DSLR’s
Throwing up images with descriptive lines
We’ve Made like bandits at the Camera stores
Since days of auld Lang syne,

We’ve done time in in front of our PC’s, boy
Cuz our image exposures were out of line
And every time we’d bust on out
Since days of auld lang syne

And give a hand o’ thine;
We’ll take a toke of kindness yet,
For days of auld lang syne.

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  1. thanks for all of your coffee photography. You’ve grabbed the cup more than most can. We appreciate your talent and friendship.


    Kohana Coffee

    1. Your welcome, my coffee photography would not be where it is without you

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