#Printalude: New Print available on 8×10

#Printalude: New Print available on 8×10

Title- A study in broken glass

I have been researching ways to sell prints of my work. One of the sites I discovered and found interesting is 8×10.co. The setup process is pretty straightforward and it only allows me to put up a print for sale every 15 days. The limitation actually  forces me to think more about what I am going to put up and think about the next print. 

I started with a recent image that I really enjoyed creating. ‘A study in broken glass’, along with others I will share later, was an interesting experience born from bad weather. As an abstract, it was appreciated by many on Instagram and that’s why I chose it as a print.

About 8×10

8×10 is a free sales platform that helps connect artists and patrons online. By selling limited edition pieces through 8×10, artists increase their on-line visibility to potential customers, and thereby increase their art-based revenue.

Be Well Do good work, keep in touch.

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