Printalude: I decided to prepare myself…

Printalude: I decided to prepare myself…

Photography is my passion. I have been doing it, my way, for years now. Learning this craft has been an interesting path, and lately, I found myself wanting to grow even more. What I decided to do was my digital work, physical. I decided to start personally printing my work. Instead of just buying any printer, and just printing,I decided to prepare myself. It’s a slower way of doing things, maybe a bit stupid, but I believe I will make fewer mistakes as I put ink to paper.

Here is the prep work I have done so far. 


The most important thing, for me, when deciding on a printer was simple research. Printing, digital photography, is not a new thing. There is a huge amount of information available. Instead of wasting a lot of money on money on trial and error, I did some reading. It was invaluable in helping me make decisions.

Pick A printer

Picking a printer is like picking a camera. It’s a very personal experience. I first read up on all the printers available. My was made based on paper size and print quality. I got a first-hand demo of the printers I researched, then made my choice. By some freak of nature, I ended up with two printers.

Create a workspace

After choosing the printer I wanted and before I purchased it, I made sure I had space for it. I needed a place to hold the printer, mine is not small, and a spot for possibly cutting my work. I ended up with a workbench. It’s heavy took some effort to get it home, totally worth it so far.

Select a paper

In researching paper, for printing, I started to think of it as a style choice. My print is going to be placed in someone hands, it’s what I am going to put on my walls. This why I put a lot of thought into this, had a lot of paper in my hands. It’s a tactile work, I want my work to be a pleasure see and to hold. I have looked at a few companies and so far, Red River Paper is my favorite.

Decide on presentation

How I hand my print to a client or a friend means a lot. I don’t know why. I have chosen to look to my past for this. During my time, working comic book conventions, I always saw prints in these top loader sleaves. I also enjoyed the way they protected comics. They are much easier to hand then mats.

Create a Print log book

The most important thing I am going to do is keep a log book. I want to track how much material I go through, cost and time. I think this may save me a lot of headaches in the long run. Mistakes will be made. This is an interesting undertaking for me, let’s see where it goes.


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