Preliminary #We35 #PhotoWandering

Today I started focusing on the WE35 research project I have become a part of. I had a rare opportunity to relax so I placed my old Nikon 35mm PC 2.8 on my Sony A7 with the metabones adapter and took a trip to Dumbo Brooklyn. I generally photo walk there either a 24mm or 50mm lens. Dumbo is an art district so there is always some thing to catch my eye and the 35mm seemed just right.

The folks at The Photo Frontier started this WE35 Research and it requires that use a 35mm lens (or equivalent) to capture life and use in your every photography. I usually change lenses often but now it’s just going to be 35mm unless it’s for work and even there I’ll try to use it most of the time. I’m looking forward to the challenge of not switching focal lengths for a while. I see a lot of art in place like dumbo and limiting my self with one lens requires me to compose my frames a little differently.


I have always found 35mm lenses to be perfect for coffee…

…and beer.

Just using a 35mm to see my environment is going to be fun. Working with in strict limits builds character as a photographer. No matter where I am I have to think about my shots a little more. After a while the 35 mm will be second nature. My usual photo walking lens was a 24mm but the 35 works as well.

A big part of my part of the We35 research while be my day photo walking. No matter where I end up it will be capture in 35mm.

This is going to be an interesting journey . Future post will see more structured research notes but for now , be well take good photos ,keep in touch.


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