#PhotoWandering: That Weird Feeling 

#PhotoWandering: That Weird Feeling 

It was a fall day in New York City. I had, sudden, free time and decided to go for a quick photowander. As I was walking, a “I have a bad feeling about this” vibe rushed over me. The city was weird. People seemed mad at each other,well more than usual. The police were on edge as they were blocking off 5th Ave , and I did not feel like taking photos. A crowd was coming, protesting current events. I made my way out of the city and into a movie theater. (Doctor Strange was good).


For some, just another day

New York was not all wrath and anger. There were still people trying to just go on, about their lives. It is what my eye saw. It’s the great thing about the city. Some people just dont give a … Here are the few photos I did take while in the city. 

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