#Photowandering: Tuned down to 11

#Photowandering: Tuned down to 11

It was not a bright morning, in a city that knows how to keep things interesting. I was out with my camera as usual. The photo wandering went well. The weather was comfortable. Originally I planned to just find a coffee shop and just dissolve into a cup of hot black pleasantness, however, I needed to walk. In the end, I did get my coffee.

Photowandering-20180719- 0648-0197

I had things tuned down to 11. After a few experiments with an old plastic lens, I decided not to just keep my Sony A6300 and Sony 20mm lens at an aperture of f11 for an entirety of a photo walk, noise be damned. I had the camera set to auto ISO and tried to keep the shutter speed around 1/80. Most of my frame had an ISO of 6400 in the end.

Photowandering-20180719- 0710-0210

As I walked I found myself looking at street art and just enjoying the calmness of the moments.

Photowandering-20180719- 0636-0183

It was a quick walk, I got to New York later than usual. New York Seemed to be dragging as well. I wandered around a smaller area and things seemed fine, till cop cars started rushing by me, and helicopters were in the air. I walked in the opposite direction after that. Got some more coffee and went to work. There I found out there was a steam pipe explosion by the Flatiron building. I luckily missed it and the asbestos flying in the air.

Photowandering-20180719- 0658-0207


For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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