#PhotoWandering testing a lens for #We35

It was a wintery cold weekend in NJ, days before Christmas and the holiday lovers were at their most annoying. This year many are just trying to ignore the turmoil which is seemingly unending lately in the United States. As I write this it is also the winter solstice , the longest night of the year. I thought I would get out for a long exposure during the evening , but instead I went over my random photography of the weekend. In what turned into nice quiet evening also decided just to hang out with my progeny , drink some tea and read. As for my photography I was basically putting my new Sony 35 mm Fe through paces. Getting a feel for it. I’ll be using it heavily during my time on the We35 project. It feels nice knowing I made a decent choice with this purchase.

I started the weekend in a park, and ended in one here are some more images from my photo wanderings….








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