#Photowandering: Summers End In site

#Photowandering: Summers End In site

The end is summer was near and coming with uncertainties, out here Exploring the Frontier. It finally felt like summer though. I also felt like I could finally enjoy the season. However, it got chilly August was a cooler month. It could have been worse though. On this morning I stepped out, not expecting to photo wander but the need for coffee beckoned.

Most of my smiles are fake , how about yours?

I, again, made my way to New York and quickly wandered a bit till I decided where I wanted to get my first cup of the day. Making my way through some of New York’s new construction ,I looked up and wondered what the area would look like next summer. This city is always changing.



… walking with my camera, I like to get lost. I make my way, wandering aimlessly and share the wonders I’ve seen. I try to make it back before the start of the work day, most times I succeed.

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