#Photowandering: …slightly more pleasant to saunter through..

#Photowandering: …slightly more pleasant to saunter through..

Dear friends, it is with great pleasure that I was photo wandering in the fine city of New York. Recent weather, which was filled with lots of rain or sauna-like humidity, caused me to stay dry and cool in my bed. I felt no shame in being lazy and comfortable.

PhotoWandering-20180727- 0607-0243

This past Friday the outside world was slightly more pleasant to saunter through. I got early, at the coolest time of the morning and made my way to the city. When I got there it did feel 10 degrees warmer but it was still nice enough to walk without melting.

PhotoWandering-20180727- 0614-0249

I must report that New York was in rare form. Most of its natives seemed slowed down leaving the streets empty a little longer than usual. As the temperature slowly rose as I walked, feeling the sweat begin to drip off my head I knew I would.have to end my photo walk sooner than I liked.

PhotoWandering-20180727- 0648-0276

I gave it a good try and must accept the dog days of August will soon be upon us. I must keep calm and carry on through the heat. There are still more places I want to wander through. Keep cool, do good work, keep in touch

PhotoWandering-20180727- 0636-0262

Gear Used

Sony A6300 x Sony 35mm FE f2.8


For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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