#PhotoWandering: Out with the #SonyA6300

#PhotoWandering: Out with the #SonyA6300

It has been a while since I have had a good photo wander. I went to the land of cold and concrete. New York City in the midst of winter. I was seeking to photo walk with my Sony A6300 for the first time. On it, I had the Sony 35mm Fe f2.8 because manually focusing with my gloves is annoying.


My trip to New York was uneventful. The sun calmly rose of the frozen river on the train. When I arrived at the frontier I wanted to explore, the mid-morning sun was bright, the air clear. The city was calm, it was a holiday, the tides of the morning commute stilled.


The city was not only silenced by the holiday, the Chill in the air was brutal. The winds of Thor blew so cold it made all paths a slog. I felt stupid for even attempting to be out, I was defeated and could not feel my nose.


This attempt at photo wandering was not a complete waste of time though. Coffee was enjoyed and as I found my way back to a subway a happy person crossed my path. I was not far from Central Park at this moment in time. This cheerful lady looks at me and smiles. She tells me ‘ it’s always nice to see water towers in the morning. It’s like they’re saying good morning ‘ then she happily walked away.


I will get out again soon, to photo-wander. I need to master this camera in the meantime.



… walking with my camera, I like to get lost. I make my way, wandering aimlessly and share the wonders I’ve seen. I try to make it back before the start of the work day, most times I succeed.

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