#Photowandering: Out with an imperfect lens

#Photowandering: Out with an imperfect lens

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wander around taking photos to relax.


I was up early, photo wandering again. I felt a need to alter my perspective, so on this day, I decided to use my Sonar 135mm lens. It’s an old lens I got many moons ago. I don’t use it often the Sonar 135mm 2.8 is an m42 screw I adapted at first for my Nikon camera then. Sony. It was a cheap curiosity from my early days of photography.


I’m used to shooting with a wide-angle lens so the first thing I did when I walked out the door was to take a few shots so I could think about how I would use this lens in the city. I find in New York, it is easy to go wide. In my mind, there’s less of a chance if people walking through your frames and composition is a little quicker.


Once in New York, I decided to forget my old way of thinking and just attempt to find some decent frames. On this morning, the city was loving and abusive. It was humid, all my senses were under attack. However, through all that, frames appeared.


Not all of them were perfect, some of the frames I created, with the sonar turned into bleeding wounds they were so bad. Honestly, I did not even know the actual focal length I was worming with. I was not happy with what I was creating at first. The urge to just put the lens away and put on something more familiar was something I had to overcome. 


I quickly learned to work with the perspective I saw through the camera. I started seeing people because they were not seeing me. Things became candid as the city woke up and the commuters arrived for work. I have to repeat this experience, I learned a lot.



For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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