#Photowandering: Journey to the Centre of the Saturday

#Photowandering: Journey to the Centre of the Saturday

It was one of those rare Saturday mornings where I just wanted to travel through time and space. I had nothing to do, the family was sleeping and I left, with a photo wandering lust that needed to be tamed. Adult life stuff exhausted me. My summer photo walking time was limited and I needed to get out.

photowandering-20180825- 0755-0929

Saturday mornings are and interesting times in the City. There are epic walks of shame. With the tourist still absent, the city is basically empty. The locals are resetting and the bakeries were  opening.

photowandering-20180825- 0804-0932

With the bridge and tunnel crowed absent, no one going to work everything is calmer. The smaller parks in the city are almost easy and the quiet is so enjoyable.

photowandering-20180825- 0822-0942

One of my main goals, photo wandering was to find a new cup of coffee. I found this small, slightly underground shop called Champion Coffee on 14th st after a bit of walking. Sitting down and enjoying an espresso was a bit awesome.

photowandering-20180825- 0832-0946

On my route, I made my way downtown, making my way to Avenue A. I ran across a lot of awesome art while wandering around East Village. That is one of the best parts of walking through the city at any time.

photowandering-20180825- 0844-0959

I always enjoy seeing quirky things in New York. No matter how much the city changes and evolves you can always find a bit of the past peaking through everyday life, like laundry being delivered by bike.

photowandering-20180825- 0949-0988

I also saw a very tiny house, with a long history in the middle of a big city.

photowandering-20180825- 0954-0992

On New Yorks Highline

When I figured I walked down, far enough I made my way to through the Village, to the Highline. It was still early enough where it was not too filled with tourist. There was still a bit of time to have to empty moments.

photowandering-20180825- 1016-1003

As I made my way uptown on the Highline, which I have not been on in a while, I can see a huge change. It was a bit epic. I can see the tourist filling it up as well. It was a good time to start making my way back to a train home

photowandering-20180825- 1042-1018
With a cup of iced coffee, I ended my walk. I need to walk on Saturdays more often.

photowandering-20180825- 1126-1031


Sony a6300 , 35mm Fe 2.8  & 20mm f2.8e


For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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