#Photowandering: I saw much that morning

#Photowandering: I saw much that morning

Friends and photographers, I hope this finds you well.

Photowandering -20180731- 0555-0323

On this dry but humid morning of July 31, I managed to go photo wandering. I felt It would be the only day I would be able to and I was correct. The rest of the week did not cooperate with my plans.

Photowandering -20180731- 0556-0325

I woke up early, as usual, and made my way to New York. On this day I decided to walk with my Sony A6300 with my 55-210. It was a decision I made after re-watching “A Day With Jay Maisel” where he used a 70-300 for walking around the city. I needed a new experience.  Usually I wander around with a wide angle lens.

Photowandering -20180731- 0624-0342

I saw much that morning, choosing to walk along the Hudson River. There, I thought there might be a better breeze. On the route to the river, I ran across a person in the midst of meditation. I am always amazed at where people are willing to do things in the city.

Photowandering -20180731- 0612-0335

I tried to get closer to the river at a park near the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, however, there were too many people sleeping rough, so I moved on. Making my way up the walking path, along the Hudson , I got lost in thought. The next thing I knew, I was on 52 street. With my time walking being finite, I made my way to 8th avenue and back to Penn Station. It was a good walk

Photowandering -20180731- 0712-0366


For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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