#PhotoWandering: Hudson Waterfront.

#PhotoWandering: Hudson Waterfront.

…and Here I am, photo wandering again. On this summer day, exploring the frontier, I found myself on the Hudson waterfront. It is an urban area of northeastern New Jersey along the lower reaches of the Hudson River, the Upper New York Bay and the Kill van Kull, looking at New York City. Over the years, I have spent a lot of time here for work and fun.


I woke up later than usual, got on the first train I could and ended up in Hoboken, New Jersey. I walked away from the terminal, along the water absorbing the sun. Quietly I passed people by, calmly doing the morning routines.  We all kept moving and mostly ignored each other. The walk was extremely nice till I realized, it was time to go to work. Saddened by this thought, I sipped my coffee and looked forward to my next morning out.


Photo Wandering

Waking up early, walking with my camera, I like to get lost. I make my way to a location and wander aimlessly and share the wonders I’ve seen. I try to make it back before the start of the work day, most times I succeed.

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