#Photowandering Experiment 50mm x Red Filter

#Photowandering Experiment 50mm x Red Filter

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wandered around New York, taking photos to relax. Times changed that all ended. Now I have been out finding new places and new ways to photo walk.


While not being able to photowander in New York City during the summer, I spent a lot of time looking for inspiration. I needed a way to go out and see my locked-down, socially distant world differently. Then I saw an article on the Leica Monochrome, and it gave me an idea. I took my old kit, Sony A7, with a broken screen. I put on a 50mm lens on it, with a red filter, and set it to black and white. I then set it to JPEG only. It was a convincing clone.


Photowalking with this kit was fascinating. The experiments were successful. I randomly went out to various local places. I was just capturing things that caught my eye, with the limitations I had. It forced a bit of creativity, which I needed at the time.


For some, it seems senseless, me wandering around, taking photos. It’s something I enjoy.



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