#PhotoWandering: Central Park To 2nd Ave

#PhotoWandering: Central Park To 2nd Ave

It’s been a long summer, not a lot of fun but it had its moments. Most mornings exploring the frontier have been quite and mostly nice this one included. When I was wondering which direction I should walk I decided I have not been to Central Park, in New York for some time. For a while I have been wanting check out the much hyped 2nd Avenue subway. The last stop was in a part of New York I had not walked through before. I had to get it out of my system.



The sun rose and slowly warmed the city. I took the subway to 86th street and sauntered through Central Park heading towards second ave. The park was full of bikers and runners passing by and people just on walks. I passed through a part 1.58 mile track of the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir to get through the other side of the park and made my way to the area I wanted to explore. The was plenty to see and I need to get to that area again.



… walking with my camera, I like to get lost. I make my way, wandering aimlessly and share the wonders I’ve seen. I try to make it back before the start of the work day, most times I succeed.

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