#Photowandering: …breaks are needed at times

#Photowandering: …breaks are needed at times

Waves of starshine particles fell from the azure blue sky as the breeze sauntered by. It was early in the morning, and instead of my usual photo wandering, I found myself on the Jersey Shore. With my family in tow, I was actually taking the rare break from work, walking in the early morning.   If one wants to survive breaks are needed at times.


No city life, sand between my toes, as the waves crept on the beach , a fantastic moment. I just had my Sony A7  & 35 mm on the Nitz Strap. We traveled a decent amount on the New Jersey Beaches, the towns connected by simple roads. There was coffee, no worries, and calm. We were far enough away from home to feel like it was a micro vacation.


Here are the images from that lovely day

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