#PhotoWandering again in Liberty State Park

#PhotoWandering again in Liberty State Park

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wandered around, taking photos to relax in New York. Times changed that all ended. Now I have been out finding new places and new ways to photo walk.


Not being able to go photo walks in New York was like losing a friend. Thinking about my past summer just freely waking up early, I wasted so much time. I eventually decided that I had to rethink photo wandering. I grew comfortable with the way things were in the before times. ‘That’s life, I guess.’


To start photo wandering again, and finally break out of my comfort zone, I woke early one weekend morning and traveled to liberty state. It was close, and yet, so far, from the city.


Liberty State Park, In the shadow of the Statue of Liberty and New York City, from a certain point of view, is a visually stimulating place to wander around with a camera. Early in the morning, while there are few people there, you can see a few joggers, boats going into the water. If one chooses to slow down and take in the moments around them, there are many things to see.LSP-20200627-08599

It’s definitely not a city. It does have its own vibe, though. Liberty State Park is on my list of places to keep returning. It’s also inspired to find other new spots to explore with my camera.


New York, This lad misses you.


For some, it seems senseless, me wandering around, taking photos. It’s something I enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.


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