#Photowandering: Adjustments before the heat.

#Photowandering: Adjustments before the heat.

It was the morning before a heat wave. Thanks to a skunk I was up way earlier than I needed to, so I decided to go get coffee in New York.


After my last bit of photo wandering, I was a bit unhappy. It was my fault. I needed to make some adjustments to my settings on the a6300. The last time I did this I was working with the Sony A7 which had a few more limitations. With the a6300 I have more flexibility. It has a better ISO range to work with. This enables to bump up the shutter speed in darker moments.


You can tell New York was bracing for the heat. There were more people out early getting things done. I walked towards s Grand Central station and back to Penn Station. Garbage was  being picked up as made my way through the streets. It was not too hot yet, saving my senses from horror.



I finally made my way to a coffee, refined settings on my camera. I think I’ll try a different lens the next time I wander around.



Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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