#Photowandering: A whelming walk

#Photowandering: A whelming walk

In a time of day that knows how to keep its secrets, I wander around taking photos to relax.


It was an early July morning and not too hot. I finally had a morning where I did not have to rush to work. With my Sony A6400 and 35mm Fe Lens in hand, I headed out on the first train into New York.
Earlier this year, the New Hudson Yards, a new real estate development, between Penn Station and the Jacob Javits Center. It’s enormous.  I wanted to explore. Parts of it are still under construction, but its monument to capitalism was open. 


The mall portion of the Hudson Yards opened it’s doors at 6 am, and I decided to stroll through it. And the empty mall with closed stores is the only good mall. It was neither overwhelming or underwhelming. I got bored though and moved on.


I decided to wander, aimlessly, through Chelsea. The General goad of Photowandring in the morning is to find a good cup of coffee, but none of the shops I wanted to visit were opened.


Things were quiet. Only a few things caught my eye.


The 35mm Fe lens only works well for photo wandering when its on a full frame. I use it to push myself some times, I think I need to go a little extreem on my next photo walk 


For some it seems senseless , me wandering around , taking photos. It’s something I really enjoy. Here are the frames from my latest bit of photo wandering.

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