#PhotoMeditation- Autumn x Tamron 70-180

#PhotoMeditation- Autumn x Tamron 70-180

Falls color science. The seasons vibrancy burns. The path is quiet.

As the sky turned a little grayer and the temperatures reached lower peaks, the leaves started to change color. Autumn was here, and as usual, I felt the need to capture it with my camera.


This year I chose to do most of my Autumn photomedtitations with only one set up. My Sony A6400 with the Tamron 70-180 f2.8 attached. In these socially distant times. I have gotten very comfortable with this setups.


With all the craziness and limitations brought about by the summer of 2020, the Autumn provided calmer mornings. Fewer people were out, not giving opinions. There was just the occasional runner, hiker, and maybe a few fishermen as I went about my photo meditation.


The mornings I went out were pleasant. Sometimes I found myself standing on an embankment of a lake, the air calm and leaves quietly falling in the breeze. It was a scene out of a book at times. The colors were a little electric. The atmosphere was fresh, petrichor in the air. The recent rains had cleared the air. It was relaxing to absorb it with my eyes, create frames with my camera.

Sun,Slowly rising. The air is chilly and moist. A leaf has fallen.

PhotoMeditation, a time to quietly go clear my head with my camera. 

It’s nice to relax, be creative, when possible.

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