#PhotoMeditation: Autumn 2020

#PhotoMeditation: Autumn 2020

Some quiet moments were enjoyed, exploring the frontier, this autumn.

Trapped between seasons. The sky is grey,I’m alone. Silence is soothing.

There is nothing I can say or do, winter is coming. Before the cold and grey took over, I tried to get out as much as possible, camera in hand and socially distant. The idea was to get lost in the quiet while the leaves were still burning on the trees. It was the last throws of color for the year. Soon the leaves would all be gone, and the trees prepared themselves for a winter’s sleep.

Deeper into fall. Finding order in chaos. Sunday morning calm

I kept local as much as I could, traveling through the local parks and reservations. The air crisp and cool, early in the morning, very few humans were around. This fall was a good time to meditate with my camera. There was not much else to do, the world as it is.

Just Breath

Fall photo meditation, in the pandemic, is all about staying warm, getting out in the world before everything is too cold, and being stuck in the house. This year, that’s not a bad thing.

The tree held the sun The fog caused a slow morning All the light diffused

PhotoMeditation, a time to quietly go clear my head with my camera. 

It’s nice to relax, be creative, when possible.

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