Photo walk Tip:Shooting Daily? Turn Left

Turning left, on a Photowalk may seem overly simple, but it is actually a massive idea. We are creatures of habit. Sometimes those habits need to be broken. This is especially true if you a photographer shooting every day. If you are shooting on your way to work, or in any of your daily travels you possibly take the same route often. After you change all your lenses and angles, you need something else to inspire your photography. Turn Left Gear Used in these images Cambot(my Nikon d90) and my Sigma 18-55 2.8-4.5 , my Nikon 35mm, and my Sigma 70-300mm f/4-5.6  DG Macro

If you think your photos are becoming boring, you have a great reason to turn left.

Turning left helps change the vista of your daily photography.


It is good to explore now and then.

Turning left helps, you find new images that were right under your nose.

Look Up and down after you turn left, you never know what you might see

You may discover something cool, you will never know if you are following the same path all the time

Some of your best photographs will come from going off your normal path and seeing something new.

You do have to work at finding great images. Photo opportunities don’t   just materialize out of this air.

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