Photo Plus Expo 2015 Was A Blur

Photo Plus Expo 2015 Was A Blur

Photo plus expo 2015 has come and gone….

It’s a time that always wreaks havoc on my gear lust. Around every corner is something I want, or want to lust after. Ladies, gentlemen and approximate life form thingies it was a short but fun time for yours truly. I wish I had more than two days this year, but time limits made it interesting. I have gone through most of my notes, contacted people, now I reflect.

Agents Of Imagely

I was traveling with my usual photography friends meeting new people and reconnecting with others I only see in person at PhotoPlus.


PhotoPlus Expo is photography and imaging show in New York and an annual event for me. I went to help spread the word about a friend’s new endeavour and find information for my own personal projects. I needed info on printing, some new gear etc. I achieved most of my goals and here are some of the highlights from those days.


This camera really caught my eye at PPE2015.  Since I mostly shoots at 35mm this camera is ideal for me however the Sony Rx1R II is ultra expensive. If I had the disposable income I would have that camera. I look on this camera and cringe because I would actually be willing to buy it.


Leica had me drooling a usual. Leica’s hurts so good to look at. I realy need to step up my game to afford these cameras. Leicas new mirroless  has a lot of potential but it’s meant for the rich.


WhiteWall is a European photo lab that really caught my eye. Their quality is amazing and they have all the features I need and want in terms of print sizes.  I’m hoping to use them in the near future for some ideas.



If I had a lot of extra money, I would have a Zeiss or two in my bag. These lenses alway impress me. Using the means, at my disposal, though I will continue to use the gear I have. It is not the gear that counts it’s the photog.



Another thing on my list is a good ring lite. I think I found one at a decent price from Interfit. I have to do some more research on it, but it had some nice results.


One of the most interesting things was the talk I got to attend by Jai Maisel. I have been lucky enough to meet one of my photography heroes. When I found out he was speaking I sat in. I heard stuff old and new. I never got to attend one of his classes, and this is the closest I’ll ever get to attending one.


PPE2015 gave me a lot to think about, some things to laugh at and a bit of gear lust. I barely scratched the surface of the show here, there was so much to see.  I did appreciate my time there, it inspired me to get back to my photography writing on a regular basis. Here are the rest of the images from my time at Photo Plus, see you next year, be well, take good photos, keep in touch.


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