#NotesFromTheField : Yes yes I am in a black & white mood

#NotesFromTheField : Yes yes I am in a black & white mood

As the temp chills ,the leaves start to fall,mother color fades  
Summer came to an end , so did my early morning photo wandering. During the warm and pleasent months I was all color all the time. Towards the end of August though I got a monochrome itch. In early September, my net friend and Nitz Strap maker Chris Nitz started talking about a b&w Lightroom preset and I was pushed over the edge. I decided to set my cameras to black and white,keeping my cameras on raw + jpg so if ever wanted to process my images in color , the option was there.


I’ve been mostly just grabbing random frames when out working. Monochrome takes a lot of thought out of the edits I do. I worry more about the contrast and shadows when creating a black and white frame. In the long run it does hep with my color photography, because if I can see the shades nod gray it most certainly will be seen in the color image.   

I still have dreams of working with Cameras like the Leica M Monochome, one day I’ll rent it. Most of the images here were taken with my cameras set to black & white or edited on my phone. Having a camera where I can not choose color would be a nice challenge.

 I am working on a simple Monochrome Lightroom preset for quick edits. I’ll share that in the near future.


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