#NotesFromTheField: Was the Sony A6300 the solution?

#NotesFromTheField: Was the Sony A6300 the solution?

Recently, at work, I began traveling with my companies new executive director as he got to meet staff at the agency. During these events I take casual photos of interactions. In the past, this presented some interesting problems.

The question was, would the Sony A6300 help me find some solutions.


The first challenge was lighting. The locations are always different. Most times I don’t know how the it is going to be lit and using a flash is frowned upon.  It can be distracting. The second challenge was making people feel comfortable so they can have relaxed interactions. Generally, people tend to get shy around DSLR’s. The sound of the shutter takes them out of the moment and when they notice the camera people pose a bit too much.


The solutions for these challenges were actually simple due to the improvements in mirrorless cameras. I recently started using my DSLR less in favor of a Sony A6300. The camera is small and has a silent shutter. Paired with a prime lens, I have been able to work more inconspicuously. This enables me to capture moments in weird lighting situations and for staff, around me, to have better interactions with the new executive director.

So far, getting the Sony A6300 is really starting to pay off.

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