#NotesFromTheField: I’ve been to #TheCrunch, Not Much Fun

The Pope made his way through North America, traveling through Cuba, Washington DC, New York and Philadelphia. The later two were #TheCrunch. It was a time filled with minor mass hysteria, little chaos, no cats and dogs living together. It was also a time on constant readjustment of expectations. I had a few task during this time but my favorite was the photography. However I was glad to see it end especially after another 21,346 steps.
What turned out to be the last day, went out with a fizzle. I took some time to explore the environment like I could not while on active duty. The one cool things was the closing of the Ben Franklin bridge between Camden and Philadelphia.  Which also meant he highway leading to the bridge was closed.  

The only gear I used for the day of The Crunch was my basic we35 kit for the week, a Nikon D750 and a 35mm f/2d. It proved the perfect kit for the majority of my time in TheCrunch.  Overall I did tried to make the best of my time photography wise. I hope I don’t have to deal with another Crunch situation anytime soon. There’s never enough coffee.  

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