#NotesFromTheField 15,796 more step around the crunch 

Day 3 souther NJ started early. It consisted of an ultra early l, cranky, drive to Trenton then logistics work then #camerawork, then more logistics. I traveled from Trenton to Camden a few times. Overall the day was a long and slow burn.   

The gear was a we35 set a Nikon D750 and a 35m f/2 D. It’s proven the best for these days.   

Traveling around taking pics can be enjoying at times. At the right moments its peaceful. From stop to stop , people were quiet as they traveled.

There were fewer people than I expected , which made things easier to deal . It felt like the locals stays home or left town leaving #TheCrunch for the out of towners.

Where ever I walked there were calm empty moments . It was so unlike my NYC experience I was grateful.

I ended the day late , but it was somewhat of a peacful ending with just a few logistical hiccups. I can’t wait for this to be over. 


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