#NotesFromTheFeild : Stupidly trying to deal with #TheCrunch

“You know nothing of the crunch. How dare you even speak of the crunch. You’ve never even been to the crunch” … or maybe you have.

The Crunch’s earliest citation is from the 1960s , it meaning “A decisive point at which one’s future course is determined.” It’s a term I originally learned from the Mighty Boosh where it was mostly used as a verb and and jokingly as a place that had world altering characteristics. The time frame I’m in,  at the moment, feels like a decisive moment.

I spent a quick part of my morning preparing for The Crunch with a quick photowalk. I won’t be a part of it, however I’ll be on a trip around The Crunch, spending about the next four or five days observing it for my job and reporting back, using my camera skills of course.

 I know this is a crazy way to look at the current state of events but it’s the only way I’m getting through it. I tried venting but it did not work out too well. The best thing I can do is keep calm photowalk and continue to keep calm, especially when it comes to The Crunch.

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