#NotesFromTheField :12,354 more steps into #TheCrunch

It’s was the the big Day for New York City. The pope was here for the full day and I was ready to capture the for my job. There was no way I was going to get anywhere near the Pontiff, but that was not my job for the day. I was there to capture specifics moments around specific places. However I caught some other frames while I was out as well.

I started the day with the 35mm f/2d lens on the Nikon D750. I eventually switch do the Sigma 24-105 f/4 when I needed more flexibility. I ended the day with my only Nikon 70-300 f4-5.6 when I need to get specific things from a distance. These lenses were easy to carry around all day. 


Overall it’s was a mentally draining day where I could not move around as much as I liked. I did get some special shots which I don’t have permission to show yet, they were the highlights.  
 As an introvert I was mentally screaming all day. I wanted to run to a quiet space, and did at times but I,mostly stuck it out. In my life I have to wear a mask to hide my social discomfort , I think I did a decent  job.     

  When doing camerawork in TheCrunch one must be as flexible as possible. You never know what’s going to stand out as a great frame unless you are will to consider the entirety of you environment and have what you need to capture it.  

I went into the day having no idea what to expect.  I finished , exhausted , but knowing I completed my task and helped some folks as well.


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