Out with the Nikon 55 macro again

Out with the Nikon 55 macro again

As I have said before , I enjoy macro photography. So what this means is I have more that one lens for macro photography. The Nikkor 105 mm  was the macro lens I use when I want compression, in the image, but when I want a “normal” macro image I use the Nikon 55macro f2.8. It’s was originally introduced in 1979 and is one of those rare Nikon lenses , like the 50mm f1.2 that is still made today. People would argue that there are better macro lenses made today, but this is a tool I like to use, not just for macro.

55 macro-20160330-8997

I put this lens away when I started the We35 project. Taking it out again was fun. It is a great lens for photo meditation. Walking around with it in the off hours was a bit of a laugh I almost forgot how much I enjoyed this lens.  Everything about the Nikon 55mm macro 2.8 just works for me, at times. I don’t use it every day, but there are occasions where it’s absolutely brilliant. It’s more of an artisan type lens, not meant for everyone.

55 macro-20160321-8507

Here are some images from my refresher time with it

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