NFTF: The Impromptu Product Shot


NFTF = Notes From The Feild

So a client calls me ” we need a product shot , now” All I had with me as was My Nikon D700, my Nikon 35-70 2.8D and a what ever as in the building. Its like they expected me to drop what ever I am doing to get what they needed done…

Yeah… I did it…

It was sort of a challenge and I thought why the hell not. 20130920Gservo-8308

After a little thought, I go a poster, which had a white back , and used it as a back ground. I put it on a desk attach to a pegboard. Above it there was a desk light. It gave enough light to be interesting. I wanted the back ground to be as white as possible.  I set the camera to spot metering then over exposed the image by a few stops. I was using a desktop tripod so I could let the exposure time be as long as I needed it to be.


While I was not completely happy with the final image, it worked, and it was used.

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