Missing my Sony a6300

My A6300 before it went to be repaired

My pixels were sharp and warm as I looked into the eyepiece, the frame took form. I would quickly move on to the next thing as I put the Sony a6300 inside my pocket and found the next thing to catch my eye. At this time, I miss the moments with my new favorite camera.

My a6300 developed a fault,  **** happens. It would not read memory cards. Sony tried to help me but the camera was JUST out of warranty by a few days, so I took it to Mack Camera, and its being repaired. They are always helpful.

After a year with the a6300, I found I did not need to work with a full frame all the time. Having something small and agile, like the Sony A6300, made photography interesting.While the a6300 is not in my possession I started using the Sony A7 again and it made me miss the a6300 even more for some reason. I’m not sure when it will be returned, however, I can’t wait to create with it again.

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