Mental Health Day At Duke Farms: The Delvians

Mental Health Day At Duke Farms: The Delvians

While on my Mental Health day, photo walking there with Daryl,  I was continuing to see things I never say before. A while into the walk I started thinking and dreaming about cosmic overtures as well as sentient plant life. That’s what’s happens when one saunters through a place like the Orchid Range at Duke farms. Sculptures were not the only things I saw there. It was like walking in a Delvian (a species of sentient humanoid plants from Farscape ) embassy.

Duke Farm-20160418-5514

SciFi links, only in my mind, aside, the Orchid range was a fantastic place to play with my cameras. It was relaxing really. Photography wise it was a fantastic place to just work on my craft, inadvertently piss off another photographer and enjoy the moment. Duke Farm -20160418-5388 The first room I entered was a misting greenhouse connected to another just filled with nature’s wonders.

Duke Farm -20160418-9501

Dukes Farms is not all flowers and statues though. Generally, it is a fantastic place to walk around, enjoy nature, soak up some sunshine. My friends and I have have been walking in the area for a couple of years now, it’s always amazing.  Here are the frames from our trip to Duke Farms. They were made using A Nikon D750 with Nikkor 135mm f/2d and a Sony A7 with a  Laowa 15mm f/4 Macro and an on lens reflector.

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