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In 2009 i got to test the Sigma DP2 (Now replaced by Sigma DP2S). It was a lot of fun and I have learned a hell of a lot since then. I wish i could get my hands on the Sigma DP2S and do a review with my current skill set. Anyhoo I am looking back before I look forward. I am going to be reviewing the Sigma 18-50mm f/2.8-4.5 SLD. I purchased this lens and have been using it for a while. It is time for a proper review. Sigma Products have all been real winners for me.

I did not discern what I was in store for when I received my loaner Sigma DP2 Camera. Oh The scores of Pictures I have taken, accompanied by fanatical laughter (using my inside voice of course, no really!!! ). It has to be understood, I really have developed an affection for this camera. The pictures were so pleasant to take and behold. So far the Sigma Dp2 is the best camera I’ve ever used.

First off the DP2 boldly has the heart of a DLSR thumping at its core. Saying that, it’s a camera preordained for people with a certain level of patience. This Camera is not sympathetic to rushing shots. The camera works best when you put modest thought towards taking a picture. What its FOVEON X3® picks up is amazing. The camera is not hard to learn, especially if you have experience with ‘Manual mode’ on other cameras.

If you don’t have experience, it will take a little determination to get your pictures correct, initially. The menus were very easy for this geek to learn. I did not have any issues with them what so ever. My Geek Intuition Wrapped my brain around it very fast. Adjusting things was very easy, and the DP2’s manual focus was purely splendid.

The Sigma has an Amazing ‘Depth of Field’ control to it. I was caught off guard at first. The first set of pictures I took were at a Train station I use every day. I got to look at the station in a new light after those initial shots. The DP2’s Manual Focus was my favorite part of the Camera, I rarely did not use it.

The Camera’s Body was unique. As I was using it, I sometimes got the comment that the Camera did not look like much. That’s one of my Favorite things about the camera. It’s a great camera to hold, fitting in my hands nicely. Very lite to me, but not flimsy.

Sigma DP2 Specs
-Format FOVEON X3® Direct

-Image Sensor (CMOS) Image Sensor Size 20.7×13.8mm (0.8 inch×0.5 inch)

-Number of Pixels Effective Pixels 14.06MP (2652×1768×3 layers)

-Aspect Ratio 3:2 Focal Length 24.2mm F2.8 (35mm equivalent focal length:41mm) –

-Lens Construction 6 Groups 7

-Elements Shooting Range 28cm??(Full Mode)

-Storage Media SD Card/Compatible with SDHC,Multi Media Card

Full Specs here Specification | SIGMA DP2 : Special Contents

It’s Hard to complain about anything on this Camera. It Performed as it should have. Did I desire anything? Yes, an optical zoom of some sort would have been nice. In the end that is just my personal opinion. I am just a student in the art of Photo Fu.

Shooting with the Sigma DP2 made me feel like a trainee being able to practice with a master level sword for the first time. I have a bit of faith that says I will own this camera or maybe it’s predecessor, one day. Sigma would be a fool not to continue the evolution of the DP line. I didn’t want to write this review at all. It basically meant I was at the twilight of my demo period. I have to reluctantly return the Sigma dp2b.This makes my heart is heavy.

The Sigma DP2 does not play to the Common understanding. It’s a Piece of art meant to produce art.


Thanks To www.akihabaranews.com for the Inspiration

Thanks to Sigma for the Camera Loan

Operation Sigma DP2


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