Having a laugh with Nikon D90 and 135mm f2d my ODK
South Orange/Maplewood

Having a laugh with Nikon D90 and 135mm f2d my ODK

In the earliest days of my, transient photography life, I spent months researching gear that would fit me. There were two things I dreamed of owning, A Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 135mm f2 DC.  Eventuality I purchased the D90,however, I could not justify the 135mm at the time. Years passed, I moved on from the D90 to the D700 and then to the D750 and my photography life grew enough for me to eventually but the 135mm. One day, while setting up gear for some camera work, I happened to pull out the D90, which I keep for sentimental reasons. I realized I never used it with the 135mm lens. It was time to change that,  so one day I woke up and decided to go out and have a laugh with my Original Dream Kit (ODK).


It started on a quiet morning in June driving in Edgewater , New Jersey looking at the Hudson River. I was on a mission for the wife and as usual,I brought a camera but, this time, it was the ODK. I kept it with me, on my journeys , for a few days after that. It was and interesting experience because of the 1.5 crop ratio with the lens. The 135 was effectively a ~202mm lens. I was basically itinerant with a telephoto prime lens. The ODK is not something that I would use every day, but it was fantastic. It even had me thinking of using a crop sensor again.


I am not done with the ODK, I think I will use it when I have photog block . It forces me to think differently. Using it was not a struggle, felt sort of natural in weird sort of way. I sort of knew what my frames were going to look like when I put the camera to my eye.

My current cameras with wifi, have spoiled me , d90 forces me not to share , lesson re learned

Another interesting thing  about the ODK was I could not share my images easily. With my current cameras I can just easily move the image to my phone and share them but with the ODK I had to wait till I got home. It reminded me of how I used to work and forced me to rethink some things. Here is a gallery of images from this session with the ODK.

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