My Last Photowalk of 2013


Its New Years Eve here on the edge of sanity. It was a cold cold morning on the East Coast of the USA. New York was waking up to its final day of the year. I felt I needed to do one last quick photowalk. I am about to send back the Nikon Df but I wanted to see if there was anything I missed. More that that I needed a cup of coffee.


Those who still had to work this day were on their way into the city. The trains were not crowded at all.


The morning light felt grimy. I guess it was the cold saying, go some play warm . Technically I should of stayed in bed lol.


NYC was pleasant to walk around though. I expected more people trying to get to time square for the ball to drop. So My walk took me in the opposite direction.


I did get my self a red eye from Birch Coffee. Nothing special on this last day of the year. Just a really good cup of coffee with a shot of espresso.


I was trying to look for some unique shots this morning. I really did not find many. I was just enjoying the walk. I had one my favorite lenses on the Nikon 24mm 2.8. Its a great lens to walk with. You have to get up close to your subject or just go for the wide shots.

GServo-20131228-0775Everybody seemed to have a warm cup of something in their hands today.


I loved this final photowalk of the year. It was short and sweet.


NYC is always interesting in the morning, a challenge to the eye. You have to search for your shot sometimes. In the end your eyes gets a workout.

Be well enjoy the new year, keep in touch.

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