Jonas The Stormy Snowy Menace

Jonas The Stormy Snowy Menace

It was an easy, mellow winter till this blizzard came through and reminded us what this time of year was all about. Suddenly sunny cold days turned to messy snowbound ones. People tried to go to and fro with their daily routines, after the snow, but they were screwed.

Winter Storm Jonas-20160123-6638
The Stormy Snowy Menace named Jonas came through the North East Corridor, and just dumped on us. The snow was everywhere, falling for hours and when we thought it was going to let up, I got out with my shovel and my camera, to clean up a bit took some pics. After that, it snowed a lot more. Photography during a snow storm keeps me from being board, with something fleeting in front of my lens. Up until Jonas the winter had been rather calm, and for a moment there, I thought we were going to get off easy. Yeah, I was wrong. Instead, we seemingly got all the snow all at once and a chance at some true winter photography.

Jonas Snowmegeddon-20160123-6659

The aftermath of Jonas The Stormy Snowy Menace was annoying, there was so much snow New Jersey felt crippled in parts. There was a sense of grandeur to the failure of New Jerseys municipalities and their ability to clear the snow. It was a good opportunity to get some interesting images, for work and for myself, even the snow lost its novelty extremely fast. I even got some coffee experimentation done.

Winter Storm Jonas-20160124-6715-2

Having to grab my winter camera bag and go out for camerawork scared me a little but was weirdly fun at the same time. I wonder if we are going to get any crazier storms before the spring.

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