It’s simple, the Sony a7R II will not improve my photography

I walked into Unique Photo to learn about the Sony a7R II but walked out with a lesson, smeg ,it changed my world a little. To live, work, and create I don’t need anything new at the moment.


Sony’s brilliant new camera is out. The Sony A7r II if a fantastic step forward for mirrorless cameras. Day and night I use the Sony A7 in my photography life and the design of the camera is why I work with it so much. The A7r II was built with lessons learned from its predecessors. As I read , and see how people basically gush over these new A7r II,  my only thought is ‘this camera won’t improve my photography’.


It’s not the Sony A7r II, or how much it cost, its me. For all of its wonderful newness , the only thing it will do for me is give me a bigger file to edit with more pixels to massage. This frame of mind comes from my time working with the we35 team. During my time on this project I have learned to take a minimalist approach to things. This experience has done more for my photography than buying a new camera or lens could ever do. I’ve learned I don’t need the new.

I am not saying the camera won’t improves others peoples photography, just not mine. If someone put the camera in my hand, I would use it religiously however it probably would not improve the quality of my work.

My other camera is still Nikon DSLR, I like working with an optical viewfinder at times. If I can get better with portrait work (using strobes etc) with the Sony a7 , the a7r II would possibly look better to me. My skill set, or lack there of. is in question here. New gear would just get in the way. The best thing I can do for my photography, at the moment, is work with what I have, keep calm and geek on.


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