It was a black and white day


When I left the house today, I wanted to shoot in black & white. I’m working on a review of the Panasonic GX7 and o decided to use its black and white mode. I’ve been back into a daily pic mode. I mostly share my image on instagram lately but have decided to start using my own blog some more with some added perspective.

Note: This is a test post from My phone, Things have changed from my last phone. A tweaking I will go

wpid-2014-05-20-12.30.52-2.jpg.jpegI had written something nice about my thoughts on the quality of black and white images but it was eaten by the android post demons from the 5.5th dimension of minor doom.  Anyhoo I do enjoy creating black and white photos, even though I  am not that good at it. I do knot its all about capturing the light. Its also about contrast. It is a subject I am studying.

wpid-2014-05-20-12.26.12-2.jpg.jpegWhat I like to do with my black and whites is fill the frame. Give the light something to play off of. I also to over exposes just a little. These methods work for me at the moment. I am still refining this.

wpid-2014-05-20-12.35.02-2.jpg.jpegThere is much to learn. I may do one black and white day a week or month , I have not decided yet.




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